Welcome to 2400 Racing!  Our name comes from the 24-hour clock indicating midnight, but to eliminate any confusion on the calendar, practices start at 11:59 p.m. EST on the evening of the day it appears on the schedule and the races start 1 hour later.  We are mostly experienced iRacing drivers and pride ourselves on having close, respectable competition where we respect others.

Dirt Racing is here!  On Sunday nights we are running a Sunday Night Shootout.  These will be short seasons so that we can try several different cars and tracks. Be sure to check its page since times and other details differ from the other series.

The Truck series on Thursday nights runs the same schedule as NASCAR with the exception of Eldora!  That may have just changed now that iRacing dirt is out!

If you would like to join us, read the section to the right on how to join the forum.  Forum membership is required.

See you at the track!
We graciously accept sponsors and donations.  We do not charge a membership fee so all session fees and prizes are furnished by league members and donations.  If you would like to be a sponsor, please send us an email.  If you care to make a small donation to help support this league's web page, forum and session fees, you can use the PayPal button below.  Thank You!


If you would like to race with us, please read the RULES first and then click on the FORUM link to go there and create a forum account Full iRacing name!  It is EXTREMELY important that you use your iRacing name because, due to recent hackers, all new accounts must be manually activated by one of the admins and we will verify you are an active iRacing participant.  You will NOT be approved if you don't use your iRacing name!  

During the signup process you will be asked the question, "Where do we race?"   The answer is "iRacing.com".   This is to keep spam bots from gaining access.

Once your account is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and an invitation to join the league at iRacing.   Thanks for joining!


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